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Is your New Year's Resolution to Clean Up your Act?

Avoid fines of £20,000+ and protect the environment in the process.


Did you know it is illegal to allow your waste condensate from a compressed air system to enter the surface or ground water course even if you have an oil water separator installed?

The UK Water Resources Act states that it is an offence to knowingly permit entry of toxic waste to surface or ground water. It is an offence with a fine of £20,000 or more in a crown court. Even if you have an oil water separator fitted, you can still only dispose of the waste into a foul drain, and may even need consent to discharge from the local water authority for this.


Click here to see the full BCAS fact sheet explaining the rules and your responsibilities.


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Maziaks’ state of the art system has delivered significant energy savings.  It has also greatly improved air quality, delivery and stable output, ensuring we continue to achieve compliance with our stringent industry regulations.

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