Compressor Rental

Tax Efficient New and Used Compressor Equipment

Maziak can provide you with a complete solution, whatever your reasons for renting air compressor equipment.  Whether it is simply a temporary operational requirement or the need for flexibility, we deliver, install and maintain the machines.

There are many benefits from rental, not least:

  • Rental payments are fully tax deductible as a direct business expense and you know exactly what your regular payments will be for the length of the term.

  • When you have finished with the asset, there is no risk that its value will have decreased below the amount you have paid for it.

  • Used Air Compressor Equipment

    The asset can often be replaced by a newer one, by upgrading at little or no extra cost.

  • Including maintenance into the rental enables smooth cash flow forecasting and accurate budgeting.

NEW and USED Rental:

  • Electrically driven static, fixed and variable speed air compressor packages available.

  • Diesel mobile air compressor plants from 60cfm up to 1000cfm.  Oil lubricated and oil free, complete with desiccant dryers if required.

Maziak offers a 24/7 emergency rental service subject to contract type and contracts can be short or long term - from 1 week up to 10 years.

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