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As compressed air specialists supplying top quality products from the best manufacturers, we understand the needs and requirements for air systems and the business demands that are faced every day. Increasing energy costs and reduced margins require the utmost reliability and efficiency from not only your air compressor, but your entire air system.  

See below for product information - Air Compressors, Control Technology, Air Treatment, Air Receivers, Condensate Management, Airbox. Whatever your compressed air requirement, we have a solution for you. Why not start with an Energy Audit of your existing system and discover how we can help you save costs and increase efficiencies. Contact us on 01933 222000 or at

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Energy Audit - Plant and System Energy Efficiency Audit Services 

Compressed air is NOT free

  • The true cost of air compressor ownership is close to 50p per kW/hr, by the time it reaches the application.

  • Typically around 25-30% of compressor energy is wasted.

  • Savings of 25% plus are not uncommon following implementation of Maziak air audit recommendations

  • Actions often cost very little or nothing to implement.

  • Project paybacks are often under 2 years.

Energy Efficient Air Compressors

What might your Maziak audit include?

  •  Up to 4 weeks (7 to 10 days normally) monitoring of:

    • Compressor plant energy; Air pressure trends; Air treatment pressure differential; Compressed air demand profile; System efficiency and health check

    • Pipework and air using applications for 'best practice' opportunities and energy savings 

  • Visual survey of installation, distribution

  • All non-intrusive works - no downtime necessary

Survey results

You will receive a comprehensive, in-depth report, including findings and recommendations for action, savings calculations, paybacks, project idea costs and innovations you may not previously have considered.  We offer this service as an independent impartial assessment of your whole compressed air system and are one of very few British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) accredited companies to conduct energy efficiency audits. With many years of experience in the compressed air industry we are the leaders in our field and are well placed to offer good advice and creative thinking.

Here are some Energy Audit - Case Studies for your interest.

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