Compressed Air System Solutions

Leicestershire Compressed air supplied by today’s modern generation of air compressors is an excellent alternative power source, and one that is often overlooked by many businesses. But if those businesses were to take the time to have a survey carried out, they may well find that the savings that could be made if they were to change over would be quite substantial. In fact our experience here at Maziak Compressor Services shows that most customers recover the cost of their initial investment within the first 2 years, many even earlier.

If you are considering installing air compressors to power a compressed air system in your factory, and if your plant is based in Northamptonshire, then Maziak Compressor Services is the best choice of supplier you could make. Not only do we have over 40 years of experience in the compressed air service Leicestershire industry, but we are the total one-stop-shop solution. We carry out surveys, we supply and install the equipment, and we maintain and repair existing systems, even those supplied and installed by others.

Our stock of air compressors and parts is the best, not only in Northamptonshire, but across the country, and our reputation for quality installations and unrivalled customer service has seen our client base extend across the nation. We have our own vehicle fleet and employ a team of fully trained and skilled engineers with over 350 man years of experience between them. We are on call 24 hours per day and 365 days of the year, and can be at your premises if the need arises, within hours.


Compressor Services Leicester

Today’s modern air compressors Leicestershire are state of the art. They are completely reliable and with the cutting edge software and valve technology that we employ, the systems that we install are smart and self governing. The solutions that we provide are tailored to our customers’ needs. No two clients are the same, which is why we come to site, carry out a thorough survey, and detail a bespoke proposal.

The range of solutions that we at Maziak Compressor Services provide is varied and versatile, no matter what your application. We have reconditioned as well as new air compressors for sale, and we also offer a rental option if your installation is to be a temporary one, or indeed if that is the way that you prefer to finance your installation. There are actually several advantages to taking out a rental agreement. First of all from a cash flow point of view, you don’t have to find a large lump sum of money. Secondly, your rental payments are considered to be a business expense and as such are fully tax deductable. Also, because you never actually own the equipment, you don’t therefore run the risk of it losing its value, and, as time moves on and new, more modern equipment is developed, you can upgrade with ease. Lastly, your regular monthly payments not only ease cash flow but they also include an ongoing maintenance fee thereby minimising the risk of unpleasant , unplanned expenditure to fund repairs and breakdowns.

Whatever your need for air compressors and/or compressed air systems, Maziak have the right solution for you. Why not give us a call for no obligation preliminary consultation?

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