Compressed Air Quality For The Food Industry

Air Quality - Food Industry Standards

The compressed air quality standard for the Food Industry impacts all UK-based food manufacturers and processors using compressed air.  All areas of UK food manufacturing are affected—production, processing, handling, packaging and transportation.  A Code Of Practice for the Food and Beverage industry has been produced by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) working alongside the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS).

As a member of BCAS, Maziak is perfectly positioned to update you with compressed air related topics as they arise.  We offer an advice service to help you understand the guidelines and how they might impact your operations.  Our trained personnel can help with your site/s’ HACCP Risk Assessment/s, ISO22000 certification, Pre-requisite Programmes (PRP) and advise on how best to achieve the standard needed.

Food Industry Compressed Air Quality

The table below shows a brief summary of the Food Industry air quality classes expected:

Air Quality Recommendation Dirt (Solid Particulate)
Max Number of Particles per m3
(Water Vapour)
Total Oil
(Aerosol + Vapour)
ISO8573.1 Equivalent
0.1-0.5 micron 0.5-1 micron 1-5 micron
Air That Comes Into Direct
Contact With Food
<400,000 <6,000 <100 -40oC PDP <0.01 mg/m3 Class 2.2.1
Air That Could Come Into
In-Direct Contact With Food.
<400,000 <6,000 <100 +3oC PDP ≤0.1 mg/m3 Class 2.4.2

Reference Conditions from ISO8573.1:2001:  Absolute atmospheric pressure 1 bar, Temperature = 20oC.  Humidity is measured at air line pressure.

The use of food quality lubricants within air compressors is also covered in the guidelines and should be considered once the appropriate risks are assessed. Regular air quality testing is also a requirement in the Code Of Practice. We can help you with good advice on how to be compliant.   As a starting point why not call us on 01933 222000 to find out how we might be of help.


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