Air Treatment Solutions


Depending on application or industry, you may need dry, clean or even sterile compressed air.  Maziaks promote HPC KAESER air treatment equipment to provide compressed air qualities in which impurities are, in part, beyond possible levels of detection.  Whatever your air treatment requirement, we have a solution for on the links below to see details of the various products we can offer, or to speak to someone about prices and specifications, contact us on 01933 222000 or at


Refrigerant Dryers - Water removal, General purpose air quality, Class 4 to ISO8573.1, +3°C pressure dewpoint

Desiccant Air Dryers - Water removal, High air quality, special applications, Class 1,2 or 3 to ISO8573.1, -20 to -70°C pressure dewpoint

Filtration  - Oil carryover, particle, odour removal, general purpose to high air quality sterile air range

Breathing Air - For compressed air fed breathing mask users to meet global breathing air quality standards as needed by application



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