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Breathing Air

EN12021:2014 regulates the air quality requirement for air used in breathing apparatus. It is the employer’s responsibility under the Health and Safety Executive to ensure that the air fed to its employees complies with this standard. Please find attached a BCAS fact sheet relating to this standard.

Breathing air can be used for a variety of applications, notably:

- Paint spraying

- Shot and bead blasting

- Asbestos removal

- Tank cleaning

- Chemical transportation

- Clean rooms and ventilation chambers

- Tunnelling, demolition

The typical compressed air requirement per person is dependent on the type of work carried out and the type of breathing air equipment used.


Level Of Work


Peak Air Intake


Seated work
Light work with arm and leg (writing, sewing, driving, etc.)
Light work standing up (classify materials, etc.)
Walk at < 3.5 km/h on level surface

Moderate Sustained work with arm and hand
(hammer, carry materials, push or pull light carts) 
Walk at 5.5 km/h on level surface

 Hard work with arm and hand (carry heavy materials, dig, etc.)
Walk from 5.5 to 7km/h on level surface
Push or pull heavy weights

Very High

 Intensive activity at speed (climbing ladders, stairs, work with
axe, digging or move heavy loads, etc.)
Walk at > 7 km/h on level surface


Note: in extreme conditions, air intake can exceed 600 L/min

The above figures are for face masks only. For suits, air intake should be doubled.


Maziak can provide a full assessment of your requirements, ensure your compliance with the latest standard, and carry out the required periodic air quality testing of your breathing air points.





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