Consider the Alternative - Would Rental Suit Your Needs Better?

Consider the Alternative - Would Rental Suit Your Needs Better?
The Challenge

QCD Automotive of Milton Keynes prides itself in offering superior automotive solutions which include alloy wheel refurbishment, vehicle smart body and interior repair and tyre supply and fit.  They have based their business model around quality, cost and delivery.To uphold these principles and meet their increased demand, they needed a larger and more reliable compressor.



“As a new business we were growing at a rapid rate and needed to upgrade our compressor within six months.  Maziak delivered exceptional service. The rental scheme was great, allowing us to spread the payments over the duration, thanks.”  Reazur Mojumber, Owner

Maziak's Solution

Weighing up the needs of the customer, Maziak recommended a rental compressor—HPC SK25T.  There are many benefits to renting equipment, not least:

¨ Rental payments are fully tax deductible as a direct business expense and you know exactly what your regular payments will be for the length of the term.

¨ When you have finished with the asset, there is no risk that its value has decreased below the amount you have paid for it.

¨ The asset can often be replaced by a newer one, by upgrading at little or no extra cost.

¨ Including maintenance into the rental enables smooth cash flow forecasting and accurate budgeting.

Discerning compressed air users expect maximum availability and efficiency even from smaller compressors. The performance of HPC’s SK series has been significantly boosted through airend optimization and the minimization of internal pressure losses. Depending on drive power, this has resulted in a free air deliver


QCD’s new rental machine has delivered invaluable quality and reliability to their operation.  Maziak were also able to carry out a full written scheme examination which is a legal requirement. QCD’s 5-year service agreement with Maziak will also provide peace of mind in the event of a problem in the future.  


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