Cut Through the Norm to Deliver Efficiencies

Cut Through the Norm to Deliver Efficiencies
The Challenge

Eggleston Steel Ltd is one of the oldest companies in Derby dating back to 1809.  Originally an ironmongers, they now stock, process and supply a wide range of mild steels and non-ferrous metals.

Their operations use CO2 lasers for cutting the steels and metals and the industry norm had been to use N2 in the beam guide due to two key qualities—it is moisture and CO2 free.  Molecules of either of these would weaken the beam by diverging it. 

Maziak, however, through its partnership with Parker were able to offer an alternative solution at much reduced cost. 



“The installation of the dryer was quick and easy and has resulted in a reduction of our cutting costs, as well as keeping the machine running for longer as the need to change the bulk nitrogen packs has been reduced significantly. We are really pleased with the advice and service which Maziak provided and would definitely recommend them.”
John Ready, General Manager

Maziak's Solution

Parker’s product portfolio included a  best selling CO2  removal dryer for the laboratory sector.   In trials with a market leader in the laser cutting industry, they discovered that the dryer could be adapted to remove the need for N2  from the beam guide of the laser cutter. 

The Parker dryer is compact and can be integrated into any existing system.  It offers significant efficiency savings due to lower feed air usage and higher CO2 removal efficiency.  It also significantly reduces the cost of N2 with no impact on product quality.

At Eggleston Steel, the dryer was installed on a 3-way valve on an N2 input line so that in the unusual event of a problem on the compressed air line, they can switch immediately back to N2 with no down time.



Eggleston Steel have reduced their N2 costs by almost 85%.  In addition to the cost reduction and efficiency savings, they have the peace of mind that they have installed the market leading product to strengthen their operations.

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