Energy Savings following Datalog Survey
The Challenge

Premier Foods had installed the compressor package they believed to be the most energy efficient available and the best value for money. Prior to deciding, they had datalogged and recorded their previous compressors and found their benchmark to work from. The problem was, how to prove the savings were actually in line with predictions, and how to continually prove further savings as the factory changes.

Maziak's Solution

Maziaks installed EnergAir ‘intelligent’ capacity matched compressor sequencing with pressure differential and air quality monitoring. Energy, status, air demand, alarms and control are all fed back to a central pc running ‘Enersoft’ and ‘EMAS Manager’ software that gives real time information and 7 day energy reports on demand. This system was found to be so successful and reliable that subsequently three other Premier Foods factories also had Maziaks  install the same at their sites.


Premier Foods achieved a reduction in energy costs, which continues to be validated with on site real time visualization and energy monitoring.

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