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The Challenge

GE Power & Water is a world leader in power generation and water technologies for utilities, independent power producers and industrial applications.  Their extensive Research & Development activities included a project to create a mobile treatment plant using nitrogen bottles within an articulated trailer.  The nitrogen within the mobile treatment trailer will be used to ‘deoxygenate’ the water.  This deoxygenated water will then be used in various industries.  Examples include the semiconductor industry where this water prevents the build-up of silicon dioxide films.  Within refineries, paper mills and power plants this water slows down corrosion within boilers. With this new technology, GE Process can deliver the trailer to the customer’s site or remote locations and treat the water used at source instead of other expensive and complicated methods to remove the dissolved oxygen within water.


Maziak Compressor Services Ltd was instrumental in providing a mobile single container solution.  The Nitrogen requirements of the process would have meant that the system would require constant operator presence to change cylinders or manage liquid nitrogen supplies.  Maziak designed and installed a turnkey system that was fully mobile, eliminated all material handling issues and need for operator presence.  Additionally gas quality actually exceeds that of commercial cylinders. John Cameron, Production Manager

Maziak's Solution

GE’s Peterborough branch were already a Maziak customer and when we were made aware of these plans, we offered an alternative solution to nitrogen bottles. 

We delivered a nitrogen generation system within the trailer, giving GE a number of key benefits:

  • A far safer option to nitrogen bottles.
  • A more efficient option with the ability to generate nitrogen on demand.  No need for planning ahead to ensure bottles are delivered to the right place at the right time.
  • A much more cost effective solution.  No need to buy the purest nitrogen when this isn’t needed and no longer being at the mercy of liquid nitrogen suppliers and fluctuating costs.


The equipment installed included:

  • HPC SM12RM (7.5kW) Compressor
  • Parker MAXIGAS104 N2 Generator
  • Parker Dessicant dryer DME012
  • Parker CO2 removal dryer K-MT-Lab6

This industry leading technology is covered by warranty of up to 5 years and in addition the customer has signed up to Maziak’s Gold Service Agreement which facilitates predictable maintenance budgeting.



Maziaks’ solution has enabled GE Power & Water to offer a one-stop-shop, easily mobile trailer solution, eliminating the need to coordinate multiple elements at each site.  Now all that is required is a power supply to the trailer.  If the GE trial is successful, there is scope to kit out another 5 to 6 trailers.  This will place GE at the forefront of mobile water treatment in the UK.


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