Large Volumes & Extreme Reliability are Keys to Success

Large Volumes & Extreme Reliability are Keys to Success
The Challenge

A major UK energy provider had taken over an old wind turbine manufacturing facility and were updating the site with a new paint and preparation building.The challenge was to provide large volumes of compressed air to a blasting operation. This alone consumed around 1,200cfm at 6bar of instantaneous demand, with further demand for the zinc coating and final painting.  The building was constructed as a production line with each of the three phases of the operation in separated booths on a rail system, for the 30m turbine tower sections to travel down the length of the 200m facility.

Maziak's Solution

Maziaks worked with Airblast Eurospray (the main contractor) to design a flexible air system to meet the immediate requirements for large volumes of compressed air and with capacity for a second production line in the future. We recommended three off 132kW HPC compressors to supply the peak duty, due to their high quality, unrivalled energy efficiency and superb reliability. Reliability was particularly important to this site due to its remoteness from major urban centres and service support.  The system was controlled centrally using HPC’s new Sigma Air Manager control panel.  Maziaks also installed a 180m compressed air distribution main, using 100mm and 63mm Parker Transair aluminium tube, selected for its light weight, quick install, low pressure drop and high flow rate properties. The whole system was installed over a three month period with final commissioning taking place in the fourth month. Maziaks will continue to support the system with HPC’s unique 60 month all-encompassing “No Quibble” warranty.  This is a preventive maintenance service agreement which includes 24/7 emergency call out with guaranteed response time.


Maziaks have installed a compressed air system that uses the very best quality equipment and delivery system available. The site will benefit from many years of efficient, reliable service from this system, with capacity for expansion of the compressed air demand as a second production line is planned in the future.


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