Make Energy Savings & Rental Work for Your Company

Make Energy Savings & Rental Work for Your Company
The Challenge

The Dufaylite Group are the sole UK manufacturer of paper honeycomb, which is a totally recyclable, robust and versatile core material used in many industrial applications. When they approached Maziaks, they were running a fixed speed Atlas Copco 45kW compressor which was massively oversized for the site and which had led to significant energy wastage at a high cost to the company.  Maziaks carried out an in-depth datalog to asses their actual compressed air usage in order to recommend a solution.

Maziak's Solution

The results showed that Dufaylite only needed a 25kW compressor to meet their demand. Maziaks proposed installing the market leading HPC ASD47 T SFC variable speed compressor with the addition of a high efficiency integrated compressed air dryer. This compressor package reduced the hourly demand by 20kW instantly and lowered Dufaylite’s annual energy bill associated with compressed air production by £5,163, a reduction of almost 70%.

As with every business in the 21st century, energy efficiency is at the front of the business plan.  Unfortunately the “energy efficient” tag comes at an extra cost.  This is where Maziaks’ Rental compressors can bridge the gap.  Dufaylite chose to rent from Maziaks rather than buy in order to take advantage of the many associated benefits.

These include:

· Rental payments are fully tax
deductible as a direct business
expense and you know exactly what your regular payments will be for the length of the term.

· You do not bear the risk that, when you have finished with the asset, its value has decreased below the amount you have paid for it.

· The asset can often be replaced by a newer one, by upgrading at little or no extra cost.

· Including maintenance into the rental enables smooth cash flow forecasting and accurate budgeting.

· Energy efficient variable speed
compressors can often save enough electrical energy to offset the value saved against the rental cost, giving you a 100% payback immediately.



Dufaylite were able to reduce energy costs by a massive 70% and this reduction will be more than enough to pay for the hire and running costs of the rented compressor for the next 5 years.

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