More Air - More Reliability - More Control - Less Cost

More Air - More Reliability - More Control - Less Cost
The Challenge

A longstanding customer of Maziak were looking to have a complete overhaul of their plant room. As a household name in crisps, after several decades of production, their machines needed to be replaced. 

Maziak's Solution

Maziak conducted a data log to ensure their proposed specification would fit both the current needs of the company and expansion plans.  What wasn’t in doubt was that HPC compressors would replace HPCs due to absolute confidence in their technology. 3 BS60s, 2 CS90s and an R22 dryer were replaced by 1 CSDX165TSFC, 1 CSDX165T and 2 BSD83Ts. In addition, Maziak installed the first HPC SAM4.0 controller in the UK at this site to provide advanced and intelligent controls. The controller selects the most efficient combination of compressors to meet the factory demand and rotates the compressors to prolong lifespan and minimize service costs. The whole installation was completed with no site downtime due to a 2 part install approach.  Two compressors were installed initially (one big, one small) so that the old equipment could be decommissioned and then the remaining equipment was fitted.

  • The impact of the overhaul has been significant.  
  • The reliability of the new equipment has reduced repair costs.
  • Production downtime has been dramatically reduced due to the machine configuration delivering 50% more air on site.
  • The site now has a contingency machine.  
  • Not least, the upgraded machines have led to cost savings of 12% on power bills.  
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