The 'Appeel' Of Cutting Costs, Increasing Flexibility and Enhancing H&S

The 'Appeel' Of Cutting Costs, Increasing Flexibility and Enhancing H&S
The Challenge

Fruitapeel (Juice) Ltd is an industry leading manufacturer of quality juices, smoothies and sauces to the retail and food service sector. The company uses food grade nitrogen on their orange juice aseptic filling machine line. Replacing oxygen with nitrogen protects the mineral and vitamin contents of the product. The customer was using approximately one multi cylinder pack (MCP) per week. With an average cost of around £500 per MCP, this equated to £3.40 per m3 of gas used. Prompted by a Maziak email campaign, Fruitapeel’s interest was sparked in the benefits of nitrogen generation in lieu of cylinders. Discussions ensued around the possibility of generating nitrogen on site and doing away with the costly cylinders at its Llantrisant site in South Wales.


We are very pleased with the installation Maziak has provided. It has been installed  now for three months and has been completely trouble free. It has freed us up from the cylinder change overs and has taken the worry away over how much gas is left in the cylinders. We are very happy with the solution supplied. Robert Stillman, Engineering Manager, Fruitapeel (Juice) Ltd


Maziak's Solution

The new system, that was proposed and subsequently installed by Maziak, takes factory compressed air and generates nitrogen through pressure swing absorption (PSA) incorporating a Midigas2 nitrogen generator. The system offers significant cost savings as highlighted below, flexibility to changes in production demand, quality improvement, and the removal of the handling, ordering, health and safety and administrative issues associated with cylinder packs.



The total installed system is capable of running 24/7 if required with an output of 3m³/hr, three times the current use.  It can generate the equivalent of one of the old MCP’s every 48hours at a unit cost per m3 of around £0.15. 

A massive saving of around 96%.

From the saving made from cylinder supplied gas, Maziak expect Fruitapeel to cover their capital investment in a little under 12 months.


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