The Right Investment = Big Energy & Cost Savings

The Right Investment = Big Energy & Cost Savings
The Challenge

In 2011, Maziaks won the national air compressor service conract for Nampak Europe’s UK sites. As a leader in the manufacture of HDPE (High Density Polythylene) bottles for the food and drink industry, Nampak’s expertise in blow moulding technology can also be applied to a wide range of other markets. Maziaks’ innovative and proactive approach impressed Nampak. During the negotiations we highlighted key areas where significant savings and improvements could be achieved from very little capital expenditure.
We were willing to guarantee energy savings on compressor units of 10% across the 9 sites within the first 12 months.


Since April 2011 when our strategic partnership began, Nampak Plastics Europe have received a fantastic service from our compressor experts at Maziak, so much so we are now utilising other areas of their expertise such as chilled water installations. Maziak are a trusted partner and have assisted our business with energy optimisation and carbon footprint reduction. We look forward to working together to further enhance and optimise these opportunities in the future.“
Marie Martin, Head of Procurement & Cost Management


Maziak's Solution

Our approach has been about identifying the right areas for investment and savings rather than just throwing new compressors in.  At Nampak’s Bellshill site we proposed:

· Installing “Intelligent Control” which saves money.  Time after time, customers see kWs removed from their energy bills by installing these units. It is the same as running a company’s computers without a network server and every PC doing its own thing.  It would be chaos!  Multiple compressors benefit from a “server” and if multiple compressors can all work to a common goal rather than standalone they will save money as is the case at Nampak.

· The right plant for the right application is another major factor in compressed air set ups. Using inherited or cheap second hand machinery can initially seem like a bargain but in the long term can cost thousands to run.

Bellshill was running a heated desiccant dryer that had originally been installed due to the need for a negative pressure dew point. The current and future production does not require this level of dew point, so Maziaks recommended replacing it with a refrigerant dryer.  his recommendation alone has led to a saving of 120,000 carbon units, which is the equivalent of planting almost 2,400 trees.


The actual savings achieved as a result of our sensible and simple recommendations are over three times our target figure within 12 months— a 32% reduction in energy on compressor units across the 9 sites. That equates to a reduction in carbon of just over 1,500,000 tonnes (or the planting of 30,000 trees).


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