Up to 1000mbar pressure or 500mbar vacuum, 1.5 to 165 m³/min, high volume low pressure blowing or vacuum needs

OMEGA Compact

First introduced back in 2000, the revolutionary design of KAESER's COMPACT series rotary blowers set the new standard for the entire blower sector. Logical component layout makes maintenance work simple, as all serviceable components and maintenance points on COMPACT series blowers are accessed from the front, whilst all pipe connections & ventilation openings are located at the rear of the units. This not only significantly reduces maintenance costs, but also means that several units can be placed right next to each other to save even more space.


Omega Series

Air deliveries from 1.5 to 160 m³/min – Pressure up to 1000 mbar, Vacuum to 500 mbar

Advanced CNC-controlled machining centres enable rotor profi les and gears to be precision machined within a tolerance of a thousandth of a millimetre. The resulting nominal clearance between the rotor lobes and casing ensures high volumetric effi ciency and minimal heating of the block. All block casings and rotors are manufactured within exact tolerances to guarantee consistently high product quality.
As the rotors turn, air in the inlet is trapped between the rotor lobes and the casing and is carried round to the outlet without being compressed. The casing bore toward the discharge port is slightly eccentric so that as the lobe approaches the port the gap between it and the casing begins to widen. This allows gradual equalisation of pressure between the air in the discharge port and that in the chamber behind the advancing lobe. Pressure equalisation in two-lobe blocks occurs abruptly as the advancing lobe crosses the lip of the discharge port. This is the main reason why three-lobe blocks generate signifi cantly less pulsation than two-lobe blocks. The air is then fi nally pushed out against the pressure in the pipe work.


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