Due to its storage and buffer capacity, the air receiver plays a key role within a compressed air installation. Maziak can offer you a range of Air Receivers to suit your needs. An air receiver is absolutely crucial to any compressed air system, and it will not only serve as a temporary storage space for the air, but it will also ensure your system performs more efficiently, playing a pivotal role in bringing down your operating costs. Our HPC Galvanised Steel Receivers are designed with industrial and workshop applications in mind. Maziak understand that compressed air users are not only seeking, but demanding ever-greater availability, quality and efficiency from this versatile energy source, and that’s why we only supply air receivers that are built to the highest standards, and capable of meeting these needs. 

How can our Air Receivers Enhance Efficiency?

Of course, there are many applications that require air receiver tanks, and with one of our models you can improve speed or torque and add storage to protect your air compressor against pressure fluctuations. With our air receiver systems, you can begin to reap the rewards of additional storage and buffer capacity. The receiver will not only play a key role in offering capacity during periods of peak demand, but it will separate condensate from the compressed air. This is exactly why the receiver must be correctly sized for the specific system, to be resistant against corrosion and to have long inspection intervals. Fortunately, we can provide an air receiver that’s the right size for job. What’s more, every Maziak air receiver is delivered pre-assembled, so it’s ready for installation with a complete Easy-Fit receiver system. There are so many advantages that come from utilising an air receiver, and our many options can certainly play a big part in saving energy on high-pressure applications, whilst they also ensure compressed air is stored for peak demand. If you’ve never owned an air compressor receiver before, it’s surprising to know just how effective they are at maximising efficiency, extending a compressor’s lifespan and saving on energy costs.

HPC Galvanised Steel Receivers

Compressed air users in industrial and workshop applications are demanding ever-greater availability, quality and efficiency from this versatile energy source.

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