Ideal for general purpose compressed air, refrigeration dryers provide water vapour removal with pressure dewpoints of +3°C. Refrigeration dryers are not suitable for installations where piping is installed in ambient temperatures below the dryer dewpoint.

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Refrigeration Dryers

StarlettePlus-E - Refrigeration dryer series


The Parker Hiross StarlettePlus-E series of refrigerated dryers (SPE) is the perfect solution for efficient removal of water vapour from compressed air and combines quality and efficiency in a reliable design with the smallest impact on the environment and on the operating costs. Developed around a state-of-the-art Aluminium heat exchanger (E-Pack), with a patent pending all-in-one design, featuring an air-to-air section, an airto-
refrigerant section, a highly efficient stainless steel demister separator and a moisture collection chamber, the new StarlettePlus-E series provides air quality with unrivalled running costs.

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