Our Condensate Management Systems

All oil lubricated air compressor systems will eject oil contaminated condensate from automatic drains, dryers and filters.  It is a chemically aggressive fluid that mainly consists of water, but also contains oil and dirt particles (e.g. rust). If not reliably drained off at all collection points, it can cause operational disruption and severely damage the compressed air system through corrosion.

Disposing of the oil contaminated compressed air condensate onto the watercourse or drainage systems is illegal without prior consent and could leave you open to substantial fines. It is also undesirable for the discharges to be piped into foul drains without prior treatment, even if an underground interceptor or effluent treatment plant is in use on the site.


Compressed Air Condensate Solution

A simple, reliable and cost effective advanced oil contaminated compressed air condensate solution that Maziaks can supply and fit for you is one of the Sepura range of condensate cleaners. There is a range of models to suit all sizes of compressor capacity up to 1250m3/h/750cfm.

The Sepura design benefits the user over other manufacturers of similar gravity feed separators by having very efficient multi-stage oil removal and no standing water.  It uses a specially designed filter, instead of a weir, with an average filter life of up to 6 months.  The running costs for these units are very reasonable and they come with a lifetime guarantee, when correctly sized and installed.

Condensate is an unavoidable result of air compression. A simple survey of your system by Maziak could be the answer to your condensate disposal problem. Call us on 01933 222000 to talk to one of our experts or email us at: enquiries@maziak.co.uk.

Sterling Oil Water Separators and Drains

Low cost, high efficiency, discharge and treatment of air compressor condensate

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