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Charity Partnership Maziak Compressor Services

Local Charity Partnership

We’re a pretty lovely bunch when it comes to loving and giving and supporting good causes and so we’re launching a new charity initiative – and it is in the hands of our staff!

We want to identify a local charity that we can partner with to give a real focus to our efforts and to pool our love.  The plan is to work with the chosen charity to support their existing programme of events and to provide ideas of our own to supplement this.  We want to make our mark in our local community and create an opportunity for you to become involved in some planned activities.  This approach will also pave the way for us to potentially add to our benefits by offering an extra day off to go out into the field and support the charity in some guise.

So what’s the process?

1.    Nominations for charities are being submitted by staff to be considered for the shortlist within our local area.

So far the following charities have been nominated:

Cransley Hospice (x 2)

CAN (drug, alcohol and homelessness services)

Cynthia Spencer Hospice

Headway East Northants (brain injury support)

Lakelands Hospice

NANNA (Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing and Adoption)

Daylight Centre Fellowship (mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness)

Service Six (Supporting Children, Young People, Adults & Families)

Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance 

2.    The Marketing Team will be researching the nominations to narrow the shortlist down to 3 potential charity partners.  

Criteria for this will include:

a.    The charity needs to be reasonably well established
b.    It needs to have an existing programme of events which will ‘lead’ our fundraising

3.    The shortlist will be announced end of November and there will be a short period when supporters for each of the charities can canvas for support.  If we can, we will ask each charity to come in and talk to us about their charity too so staff are all as well informed as possible.

4.    Voting will take place early December with a view to our partnership beginning in earnest in the New Year of 2017.

5.    The plan is for our partnership to be for 2 years, after which it will be reviewed and a new partner considered in line with the process above.

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