CO2 Crisis - Could N2 gas generation help?

As we have recently seen, the CO2 shortage has brought to light the huge reliance food and beverage industries have on this specialist gas. 

With three of the five UK Ammonia plants shut down for planned maintenance at the same time, and a further plant suffering a power outage last week, production of CO2 to be converted to food safe gas has been severely affected. 

CO2 adds the fizz in our drinks, increases ph levels in food products to extend their shelf life or assist in the processing of animals. 

But... Is all of the CO2 used actually required? Some of these processes just require an inert gas.

Why not replace some of the CO2 you use on site, for those processes with an inert gas like Nitrogen. 

Huge volumes of CO2 are wasted, merely because it is available on site and the gas is used as a non-oxygen containing medium. 

Nitrogen could be the alternative. 

Whether it’s for counter pressuring bottles or casks prior to fill to prevent foaming and keeping the CO2 in the fizzy drink, or pushing product through to bottling lines; CO2 is not necessarily required for these activities, it may even be affecting flavours.  An inert food grade nitrogen gas will do this for you. 

Millions of bottles of soft drink are manufactured in the UK each year, what if you counter pressured each bottle with Nitrogen instead? 

This is where Nitrogen gas generation comes in. 

With 78% of the air we breathe made up of Nitrogen, a simple system to clean, dry and remove the Oxygen content from compressed air delivering clean food grade nitrogen at a fraction of the price can take its place. 

On-site generation of Nitrogen provides gas on demand, putting you in control and reduces your exposure to supply chain problems, while at the same time reducing costs.


Working with the market leader in Nitrogen Generation - Parker -  Maziak can offer you a unique range of Nitrogen Generators to suit your needs.

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