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Maziak Compressor Services Ltd was founded over 40 years ago in Burton Latimer by Sarah and Joe Maziak. James Maziak has been Managing Director since 1991 and in 2001 we moved into a new 6500sq ft purpose built unit in Wellingborough to accommodate the rapid growth of the business.

Despite our truly local roots, the quality of the service we offer has led to many projects for clients all over the UK. Our biggest asset is our people. We offer one apprenticeship each year and they learn an enormous amount about compressed air dryers working alongside engineers who have been with Maziaks for over twenty years. Between them, our engineers have over 350 years’ of collective experience installing and servicing compressed air systems and compressed air dryers of all makes and for all purposes, enabling us to provide the best possible quality service to our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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We are able to respond at short notice to customers’ needs, whatever their size or location. We hold an unrivalled stock of spare parts, new and reconditioned compressed air dryers, which ensures fast response times. Added to this, we have developed long term partnerships with high quality suppliers who support us in maintaining our high standards of service.

Compressed Dryer Energy Saving Tips

  • Ensure desiccant or adsorption air dryers use “dewpoint control” to reduce energy wastage to a minimum.
  • The total cost to purchase an HPC Secotec air dryer that has energy saving “Thermal Mass” technology can now be 100% written off against corporation tax within 12 months.
  • Use “electronic timer controls” to automatically start and stop air compressors and avoid unnecessary running of the compressors and compressed air dryers.
  • Use “thermal mass” refrigerant air dryer technology to reduce dryer energy costs by up to 70%.

Customer Case Studies

Guttridge are a market leader in the design and manufacture of bulk powder handling machinery such as screw conveyors, bucket elevators and bulk bag systems. These are used in the mineral, chemical, animal feed, pet food, and cereal food and pharmaceuticals industries.

HPC Compressed Air Systems

Running six compressors of various sizes, all feeding a common air main, an in depth audit was performed by Maziaks during normal production. This identified that air demand was significantly lower than Guttridge’s high overall installed compressor capacity. Wasted energy was found to be 48% of the total energy input due to high compressor off load running, and measured efficiency of the system averaged 280% higher than a realistic target of 7.0 Kw/m3/min.

Maziaks recommended a single Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressor with integrated Compressed Air Dryer and Filters to replace the existing six machines. Sized to meet current demand but with plenty of spare capacity for future expansion, this automatically matches its speed, capacity and power consumption to the variations in factory demand for compressed air. Wasted energy was therefore substantially reduced compared to the six existing compressors.

Nampak Plastics UK Ltd

The right plant for the right application is another major factor in compressed air set ups. Using inherited or cheap second hand machinery can initially seem like a bargain but in the long term can cost thousands to run. One of Nampak’s sites was running a heated desiccant dryer that had originally been installed due to the need for a negative pressure dew point. The current and future production does not require this level of dew point, so Maziaks recommended replacing it with a refrigerant dryer.  This compressed air dryer recommendation alone has led to a saving of 120,000 carbon units, which is the equivalent of planting almost 2,400 trees.

Compressed Air Dryers  Compressed Air Dryer

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