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Compressed Air System Performance Audit

  • In the UK 10% of all industrial electricity is used to power air compressor plants.

  • It is widely estimated that 30% of this energy is wasted due to leakage and system inefficiency.

Maziak has the technology and the expertise to audit your system to help you achieve your site's maximum potential and reduce energy and maintenance costs.  For smaller users we can readily save 25-30% of energy costs and for larger users anything from 15-25%!  

With no downtime, our SCADAR™ data loggers incorporate high quality sensors to collect and store data at high frequency from around your compressed air system.  This data is then wirelessly and securely transferred to our network for in depth analysis, including the option to simulate before and after equipment energy and cost payback scenarios.  Using the data we can provide fexible and detailed reporting of both results and recommendations.  

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Data Collection
  • Efficiency
  • Consumption
  • Output
  • Flow
  • Pressure
  • Quality
  • Distribution
Maziak is a BCAS approved compressed air audit company.  Our survey process looks in detail, over a period of one or two weeks, at the system characteristics on the left in order to gather real data and a real understanding of the site's air system - now and for the future.
Reporting & Recommendations
  • Pressure
  • Control
  • Leakage
  • Filter Elements
  • Drain Valves
  • VS Drive Technology
  • Air Treatment Usage
  • Process Usage
We compile a detailed report looking to uncover the site's potential savings.  This report will cover many projects and ideas with costings and calculated paybacks, across areas such as those on the left.  We look to identify the maximum savings that we can.


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