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Depending on the application that you require your compressed air for, the quality of that air may be important, but we at Maziak Compressor Systems, the compressed air treatment products Northampton based specialist, are able to give you advice on almost any aspect of compressed air supply. As well as being probably the largest compressor supplier here in the UK, we can also offer advice and solutions to all of your air treatment needs.

One of the biggest problems involved in generating compressed air, is that it naturally produces an unwanted by-product called condensate. It is regrettably unavoidable. Disposing of this condensate nuisance is vitally important to the effectiveness of your operation. Condensate is the name given to the liquid that is formed when compressed air is manufactured. At Maziak we are expert at finding solutions of how to dispose of condensate, and all you need do to explore the possibilities is to contact us to have a chat with one of our friendly technical sales people.

The problem is that most air compressors that use oil to lubricate their moving parts, (and most of them of course do), will generate condensate with is contaminated with that oil. The condensate must of course be removed, but there are immediate health and safety aspects, the first of which is that it is actually illegal to dump this oil contaminated condensate into the main drainage system. But extract it from your system you must, or else it will corrode and damage your compressed air installation.

Here at Maziak Compressor Services, the compressed air treatment products Northampton based market leader, we are able to offer you the solution you need to deal with the problem. We can supply and fit, or supply for your own engineers to fit, one of our bespoke condensate cleaners. We supply the Sepura range which is manufactured to work with all sizes of compressor up to 1250m3/h/750cfm.

The advantage with using the Sepura range of condensate cleaners is that they are the most efficient multi stage lubricant drainage cleaners on the market. The thing that makes them different from other competitive brands is that Sepura condensate cleaners use a specially designed filter to clean the contaminant. These filters are good for as long as 6 months before they need replacing, and once fitted they will protect your installation thereafter.  The other great thing with Sepura cleaners is that the come with a life time guarantee just as long as they have been fitted properly.

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Northampton HPC Compressed Air Treatment Products

Depending on the industry that different businesses operate within, the quality of the compressed air that they use may differ from company to company. One of the more common requirements is the importance of having a clean air supply from which all of the impurities have been removed. To cope with this type of demand, the team at Maziak, the air treatment products Northampton based innovator, have taken on the HPC Kaezer air treatment product range which is acknowledged within the industry as being able to remove any contaminants or impurities to below possible detection levels.

So if compressed air quality is a must, and you also want to ensure that you protect your compressed air installation and operate within the law as far as the disposal of condensates is concerned, then why not consult us at Maziak Compressor Systems to explore the solutions we can offer?

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