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Compressor Services BedfordThe Compressor Services Bedford based business rely on are now more certain of being properly serviced, maintained and repaired thanks to the presence of Maziak Compressor Services, a locally based business. Maziak have been trading in the compressed air production industry since our humble beginnings back in 1970. Thanks to some great product, and our superb customer service, our reputation has spread far and wide and we are now one of the major national compressor and air treatment specialists in the whole of the UK.

As a Compressor Services Bedford orientated business, you can rely on Maziak, once you sign up to one of our exclusive service contracts, to be on call for emergency call outs 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year. We understand that some of our customers run life dependent operations, so our pledge is to be there when you need us, no matter where you are in the country.

Our dedicated teams of installation and maintenance engineers have over 350 man hours experience to offer. With our own fleet of vehicles, specially equipped to deal with all eventualities, we can be onsite and get your pipework installation back up and running in no time.  Not only are our engineers the best in the business when it comes to new installations, needy repairs, or regular first class maintenance, but the huge, diverse range of compressors and air treatment equipment that we hold in stock is unsurpassed.

We take customer care very seriously. After all, our customer base is our life blood, and we are acutely aware that if we do a great job, at the right price, our clients will stay with us, entrusting their installations to our care, and putting the reliability of their businesses in our hands. But you won’t find a safer pair of hands in the industry.

Our aim as a Compressor Services Bedford based service provider, is to cut your operational running costs, and in the long run to save you money. However, money, as important as it is, is not our main concern. Our main aim is to optimise the performance of your compressed air installation, whilst at the same time promoting best practice, and paying heed to the health and safety of all.

Energy costs are at an all time high, and that is one of the main reasons that we major in offering our clients significantly reduced running cost scenarios. For most of our clients, we promise that they will see their initial investment in their air treatment plants repaid within a maximum of 2 years, and after that, with one of our great service plans in place, they can look forward to significant operational savings year on year.


Bedford Compressor Services

We also offer excellent value for money rental deals. Many of our clients only have a temporary requirement for compressed air from time to time, or they may prefer to protect their cash flow and spread out the running costs instead of having to fund a large sum of money all at once. Our great rental deals also include a service package so you can be sure that the equipment will be in perfect operational order for the duration. The other advantage with rental is that it makes it a whole lot easier to upgrade when newer product is called for, or needed.

Maziak Compressor Services, the Compressor Services Bedford based specialists, offer the best and most comprehensive compressed air care in the UK, and we’re right here on your own doorstep. So why not call us and ask to see one of our sales engineers to find out more about how we can help you to have a state of the art installation, and reduce your overall, ongoing running costs?

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