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Compressor ServicesWhat do you expect from your compressor services service provider? Latest state of the art equipment; a fully comprehensive range of spares; full installation capability; regular service and maintenance provision; 24 hour per day, 365 day per year callout; top notch customer service? If you can answer yes to all of these expectations, then you should be talking to us here at Maziak Compressor Services, the national compressor service company based here in Northants.

We pride ourselves in being the best compressor equipment and service company across the UK, and our firmly established client base, plus the many genuine testimonials that we receive and that you can check out on our website, speak for themselves. With over forty years of experience in the compressor service industry no one has better knowledge or experience of this niche market than we do. In fact our team of fully trained and qualified mobile service engineers have over 350 man hours of experience between them.

We own our own fleet of vehicles, all fitted out with the necessary equipment and tools of the trade to enable our engineers to deal with any problem they may encounter on site. We offer a complete range of servicing packages with four different levels that cover our clients’ requirements no matter what their size or industry, and as we contact our service clients prior to arrival on site, to check up on the compressed air system performance, we are always fully prepared and equipped.

We have one of the biggest stocks of air compressors and ancillary equipment anywhere in the UK, extending to air receivers, condensate cleaners, and refrigerant dryers. But it’s not just the massive range of products that makes Maziak Compressor Services the company that we are, it’s also our unrivalled support service capability.


UK Compressor Services

Maziak Air Compressor Services can action pipework installations large or small, and we can also service your nitrogen generation requirements too. The category of jobs that we have undertaken is like a who’s who in the compressed air industry world, and we recommend that you should take a peek at some of the amazing case histories that we have recorded and published on our website, for your elucidation.

There is much to be gained by keeping up with the changing face of our industry. With new equipment, new software, and other state of the art control management theory, you can significantly reduce your running costs by enlisting our services. Our experience shows that most clients cover their initial installation costs within 2 years through the reduced operating costs that new or modified installation provide. However in some instances we have clients that who have recovered their investments in as little as 6 months, who then go on to receive the full benefit of their reduced operational costs going forward.

We also offer a rental option for our clients too. This can come in extremely handy if your installation or requirement is only a short term or temporary situation. It’s also a great option for those who wish to protect their cash flow by paying regular monthly payment instead of having to fork out a larger sum in one go.

The other great thing that we at Maziak Compressor Services provide, is a maintenance and servicing contract built in to all of our rental agreements. As well as protecting the equipment whilst in your care, it also helps to prevent any system down time, which could otherwise be catastrophic to your operation.

As you can see Maziak Compressor Services are the genuine article; a one-stop-shop compressed air service provider that can cover all of your requirements. Isn’t it about time that you considered switching suppliers?

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