Industrial Air Compressor Services

Looking for an industrial air compressor? Maziak have always focused on tailored solutions for our customers ensuring that we provide them with a compressed air solution that is right for their business.  We strive to provide the best quality service in the market and the best and most innovative products. We are proud of the first class partnerships we have established that enable us to fulfil these goals. We are industry specialists in all things compressors, and have provided many industries with various products and support, with our large range of products. But what makes us so unique? 

Reliable and Efficient Commercial Compressors

Reliability and efficiency is becoming more important for businesses, especially with increased energy costs and tighter budgets, and Maziak have a wide range of industrial air compressors and equipment to suit your business’s needs, including rotary screw compressors, workshop piston compressors, industrial compressors (piston), pressure boosters and low pressure blowers among many other options. Maziak know that not all businesses require commercial air compressors long-term so we provide rental solutions which are fully tax deductible as a direct business expense.

We have over 40 years’ experience installing industrial compressors ranging from 3Kw all the way up to 315kW.

Quick Responses to Suit your Compressor Needs

We don’t just supply a range of industrial air compressors, we also have unrivalled amounts of stock and reconditioned equipment, meaning we’ve become accustomed to responding fast, no matter where our customers are based. We’ve also built long term relationships with our suppliers, and we’ve gained long term support to help us meet demands whilst maintaining our high standards of service. To find out more about our range of compressors, call us today on 01933 222000, or alternatively you can email us at 

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