Air Treatment Treats To Save You Some Money

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Air Treatment Treats To Save You Some Money
16th July 2015

Compressed air is not free but there are many ways beyond the regular maintenance of your equipment to reduce energy usage and costs. Maziak has helped many clients to identify remedial and proactive action which often cost very little or nothing to implement but can save you a huge amount of energy and costs. 


  • Air treatment is expensive in energy terms. Ensure that a general air quality is provided across the whole site with special or critical users treated separately and locally.
    This will ensure the cost of air quality is minimised.
  • Don’t over purify in the central plant room, it could be costing you 30% more in compressed air energy costs unnecessarily.
  • Check pressure drops across filters and replace promptly when drops become excessive. Loss of pressure across systems can increase your costs by a fair amount.
  • Ensure desiccant or adsorption air dryers use “dewpoint control” to reduce energy wastage to a minimum.
  • Use “thermal mass” refrigerant air dryer technology to reduce dryer energy costs by up to 70%.


Any of these causing you problems and increasing your costs?
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