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Avoid Breakdowns
15th December 2016

Avoid Breakdowns

Protect your compressed air system from adverse weather!


Avoid unscheduled system shutdowns and expensive repairs during the cold snap ahead and particularly after a Christmas shutdown, by following these proactive and preventative measures.

Equipment operation

Freezing temperatures can adversely affect all compressed air equipment. Many compressors automatically prevent start-up when temperatures drop below 1oC.  At low temperatures, oil thickens and viscosity increases which can cause compressors to draw excessive current and trip out.

  • To prevent low operating temperatures ensure ambient temperature doesn’t drop below 5oC.



Water can freeze and cause pipes and air coolers to split causing damage which could lead to expensive repairs. It can also freeze in refrigerant dryers and pipework potentially causing damage and blockages.

  • Keep ambient temperatures to a minimum of 5oC.
  • Drain the system by opening all manual drain valves.
  • Keep refrigerant dryers switched on to maintain operating temperature and drain excess water from evaporator.


Dew point

Pressure dew point is the point at which compressed air becomes saturated allowing condensate to form at a given temperature. With refrigerant air dryers this is commonly 2oC. This will allow water to form in the compressed air system which has the potential to freeze and cause damage to sensitive components.

  • Keep ambient temperatures to a minimum of 5oC.
  • Keep all external pipework to a minimum.
  • Ensure that external pipe is lagged with insulation.



It is advisable that equipment is regularly maintained not only to prevent failure but also to follow the pressure systems directive.

  • Follow manufacturer servicing guidelines.
  • Be aware of PSSR requirements.


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