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James Maziak - BCAS President
13th February 2017

BCAS Appoints James Maziak as 56th President

The British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) has appointed James Maziak, Managing Director of Maziak Compressor Services, as its 56th President.  Established back in 1958, Maziak have been supplying UK customers with compressed air solutions for more than 50 years.

James takes over the role from Andy Jones, Managing Director of Mattei Compressors, who has held the position for the last two years.  He will continue to ensure that the society evolves to meet the needs of both its members and compressed air end-users.

A Board member for the last 5 years and Chairman of the Distributors’ Committee for the last 4, James’ business has represented different manufacturing brands over the years, giving him a broad range of experience within the industry,  from manufacturing and distribution to the end user. Says James on his appointment, “It is a great honour to take on the BCAS Presidency and even more so as I am only the second distributor member to become President in its 85 year history.

“The next two years will see momentous change as the Brexit process starts.  , In the face of this, BCAS has a great responsibility to continue to deliver value to its members as the only technical trade association representing the compressed air industry in the UK.   Most importantly we need to ensure that the end users of compressed air see the value of dealing with a BCAS member.”

Vanda Jones, Executive Director for BCAS said, “James has played a vital role in BCAS as vice president for the past two years and as a board member prior to that.  I am delighted to welcome him to his new position and I look forward to working closely with him.”

“Our thanks go to Andy Jones for his work with the board in helping to shape the society for the future and to improve support for members.  Not least for his part in driving the increase in membership numbers across both the Manufacturer and Distributor sectors.

“We are finding that customers are demanding more efficient and innovative compressed air solutions to help meet their environmental obligations and reduce cost of ownership.  In this energy and cost conscious environment, BCAS fills an increasingly important role; not only in supporting its members’ interests but also in advising manufacturers, distributors, service agents and end users on best practice and changes to legislation.

“Working with James, we will continue to evolve our role and support our members through what will be a period of change for all of us in business.”


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