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Screw Compressors without Limitations
14th February 2014

Screw Compressors are ideal for those seeking a continuous air flow and Maziak’s range of efficient and reliable rotary screw models offer unrivalled power ratings.

Our extensive range of HPC energy efficient rotary screw compressors (2.2 to 315kW) not only offers our customer choice in terms of price and specification, their performance is exceptional; combining quiet operation, efficiency and reliability.

There’s no denying the recent demand for variable speed screw compressors and every single one of our products benefits from the latest variable frequency drive technology. To ensure our customers use the technology to its full potential and maximise energy performance, our team is more than happy to offer our expert advice and support, and we will work with you to help you decide on the model and system that’s best suited for your requirements.

What do users expect from a compressor system?

They expect maximum efficiency and reliability. This sounds simple, but these advantages are influenced by many different factors: Energy costs, for example, taken over the lifetime of a
compressor, add up to a multiple of investment costs. This is not just the case for larger compressed air systems, but also for smaller systems such as SX series compressors. Efficient energy consumption therefore plays a vital role in the production of compressed air.

We pride ourselves on remaining up to date with the latest compressor technology, and our products represent the most recent developments. To find out more about our broad range of screw compressors, get in touch with Maziak today, either by calling us on 01933 222000 or emailing us at

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