Some Easy Wins WIth Energy To Save You Money

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Some Easy Wins WIth Energy To Save You Money
24th June 2015

Compressed air is not free but there are many ways beyond the regular maintenance of your equipment to reduce energy usage and costs.
Maziak has helped many clients to identify remedial and proactive action which often cost very little or nothing to implement but can save you a huge amount of energy and costs.

Some easy wins with energy:

  • Finding and fixing air leaks.  It could take just a few seconds to fix, yet a 3mm leak would cost around £600 per year in energy alone which is a lot for just one leak when you can easily get a leak survey done for a fraction of the price. For more information on air leaks (click here)
  • Simply reducing your compressor generation pressure or system pressure by 1bar will knock 7% off your energy costs. SIMPLE!
  • Removing permanently unused pipework from the airline will help you easily decrease your energy costs.
  • Replacing timed solenoids and unreliable float drains with electronic or pneumatic “zero loss” drains to eliminate air loss at condensate discharge can help you save money on your energy costs.
  • Using electronic timer controls to automatically start and stop air compressors so they don’t run outside of production hours is not only a smart thing to do but also very easy and can help you save a lot!
  • When sizing a new compressor system don’t undersize air receivers. They are a relatively low cost item in the scheme of things and installing the largest vessel you can will help keep energy costs down.
  • Change frequency indicators or differential pressure gauges on oil removal filters are notoriously unreliable at correctly predicting the best time to fit new elements. Energy costs rise when the filter restricts the air flow as dirt loading increasingly blocks the filter element.  This makes the air compressor work harder to overcome the growing pressure differential. Replacing filter elements at least once a year will ensure that the optimum efficiency is achieved and that you aren’t wasting money on unwanted energy costs.


Any of these causing you problems and increasing your costs? 
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