What Are The Advantages of Screw Compressors?

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What Are The Advantages of Screw Compressors?
1st September 2020

Air compressors come in a wide range of designs, including piston, reciprocating, and screw compressors. Screw compressors are typically used to replace piston compressors in industrial and commercial uses, wherever high-pressure air is needed in large volumes. A lot of different industries rely on highly-efficient and powerful air compressors as a standard part of their manufacturing process.


How screw compressors work

There’s a reason that screw compressors are brought in to replace older types of air compressors. They’re incredibly efficient, using precise engineering and rotary screws that are fine-tuned down to thousandths of an inch. The air enters the system on the suction-side of the compressor and forced through by the rotary screws, cooling as it passes through the system. Screw compressors are efficient, durable, and convenient. Here’s a rundown of the key advantages of screw compressors and why you should consider purchasing a new system here at Maziak.


Low maintenance

Screw compressors run on a rather simplistic system with few moving parts. This makes them much easier to maintain than other alternatives on the market. Less moving parts means less can go wrong, and you won’t be incurring high maintenance fees or repair costs over the lifespan of a screw compressor. You do, however, still need to keep a regular maintenance schedule up to ensure the efficient work-rate of a screw compressor.


Safety and convenience

Screw compressors are an entirely contained system. Accidents involving screw compressors are almost unheard of in the workplace as there are no exposed parts, and they are easy to operate. They are also compact ­– screw compressors can be easily stored until they need to be used, and they’re not difficult to move/handle.


Runs quietly and runs well

Despite the fact that screw compressors run continuously and generate a tremendous amount of air-flow, they run quietly. It’s quiet enough that you can have a conversation in the compression room, even with several systems running at once. Almost all screw compressors feature some noise reduction tech.


They don’t require constant lubrication

A key benefit of screw compressors is that they retain much of the oil in an enclosed system. The oil is continuously recycled and reused automatically by the system. You don’t need to apply new oil regularly, which keeps the workspace clean, easier-to-run, and more time efficient.


Long-lasting pieces of kit

Screw compressors are designed to stand the test of time. Here at Maziak, we take pride in stocking only the best machinery on the market. Due to the efficiency and self-contained nature of a screw compressor, they can outlast many alternatives on the market in terms of lifespan.

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