Pressure Regulations

The PSSR 2000 are duties and regulations that directly correspond to the use of pressure systems in relation to the potential risks of health and safety. The objective of the regulation is to prevent pressure system failures as this could lead to serious injury through hazards that were not compliant. Maziak provide the service to ensure your pressure system is completely compliant with this regulation. 

Follow the links for downloads of the governments documents:

Pressure Systems Safety Regulations

HSE WSE Guidelines

HSE Written Scheme of Examination leaflet

HSE Pressure Systems - Safety & You Leaflet


Written Scheme of Examination - PSSR Regulations 

All new and existing compressed air installations must conform to both the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Regulations and Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR 2000).  All pressure systems larger than 250 bar litres, must have a "written scheme of examination" and a statutory inspection in accordance with the written scheme.

A "Written Scheme of Examination" is a list that details the inspection periods, safety devices and components associated with the system's pressure vessels.  The inspections are normally carried out by the site's insurer.  In some cases a schematic drawing of the whole air network is required, from generation to end-users with all components detailed.  Although this is not a statutory requirements, it is good practice to have a drawing of the whole system. 

Non-compliance could result in an unlimited fine under the Health & Safety at Work Act. Compliance could result in reduced insurance premiums.

Maziak are qualified to provide all the services required by the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations:

  • Pressure Systems Safety RegulationsWritten scheme survey and document preparation

  • Schematic drawings

  • Statutory pressure vessel inspection and certification

  • Pressure vessel testing and certification

  • Safety device testing and calibration

  • Gauge testing and calibration


Part of a site's 'duty of care' is to have the pressure system maintained by a competent body, such as Maziak, and to keep records of this activity for inspection if required.  This mostly means the air compressor plant itself, but in some cases the distribution system and components too. Responsibility lies with the owner/user not with the installer/supplier.


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