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Breathing Air Purifier Solutions

For compressed air fed breathing mask users to meet global breathing air quality standards as needed by application.

In compressed air fed systems, ambient air is drawn into the compressor, therefore any contaminants present in the ambient air plus those introduced by the compressor itself will be present unless removed by a purification system. Contaminants present can include:
• Carbon monoxide

• Carbon dioxide

• Water vapour

• Micro-organisms

• Atmospheric dirt

• Oil vapour

• Water aerosols

• Condensed liquid water

• Liquid oil

• Oil aerosols

• Rust

• Pipescale

The Parker domnick hunter BAS-3015 is a portable breathing air purifier housed in a compact, weatherproof, impact resistant case. Consisting  of a general purpose pre-filter, a high efficiency coalescing filter and  an activated carbon filter to remove oil vapour and odours, this purifier includes a pressure regulator/ gauge and can facilitate up to five users simultaneously. The BAS-3015 is also available with an optional CO monitor.

• 3 Purification stages

• Integral pressure regulator

• Portable

• Use with any compressed  air supply

• Integrated CO Monitor (optional)

• Pressure gauge

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