CDAS - Clean Dry Air System Desiccant Air Dryers

CDAS - Clean Dry Air System

Parker Zander Clean Dry Air System. Innovative engineering and technology.

Combining sophisticated OIL-X fi ltration technology with an optimised drying system, the CDAS is designed to deliver consistent high performance over an extended period. Air quality is third party validated to ISO 7183 and ISO 8573-1, so you can be completely confident of your compressed air quality.

Energy Saving Technology - Standard on all units, it automatically adapts dryer operation to the ambient inlet conditions and compressed air demand, resulting in reduced
maintenance and signifi cantly lower energy costs - often with savings of up to 85%.

  • ‘Power on’ and fault indication
  • Dryer and fi lter service indicators
  • Dewpoint display
  • Fault relay: power, dewpoint alarm and sensor failure
  • 4-20mA dewpoint re-transmission

HMI display screen
Large screen display offering a wealth of clear, useable, real-time information.

High strength desiccant
Cartridges are snowstorm filled with high strength desiccant that has a 5-year lifetime, providing consistent drying, re-generation and dewpoint.

Pre-mounted fi lters
New series OIL-X filters engineered to provide validated ISO 8573-1 performance.

Threaded top end-cap
Threaded end-cap enables the straightforward replacement of the desiccant cartridge.

Purge setting
The purge air can be set at minimum operating pressure easily, without the need for specialist tools.

Corrosion protected column
With a 10-year guarantee, to ensure a long operational life.

Full bore internal flow paths
Featuring optimised flow management for reduced pressure drop.

Full bore cylinder valve system
Low pressure loss valves provide full air flow and minimal back pressure, whilst robust cylinders extend service intervals.

Base plate
Designed for pallet trucks, allowing for easy, time-saving installation.

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