Kaeser Industrial Piston Compressors Industrial Piston Compressors

Kaeser Industrial Piston Compressors

Air delivery 0.87 to 16.10 m³/min – Pressure 7 to 35 bar


As a compressed air user, you expect maximum efficiency and reliability from your air system. Therefore, the most efficient reciprocating compressors are dependable, robust, require little maintenance, have a long service life and provide optimum flexibility. KAESER industrial quality air compressors meet all of these criteria to ensure a compressed air supply of the highest quality

  • Made in Germany KAESER compressor blocks are  made from materials of the highest quality. Each component is manufactured, inspected and assembled with meticulous care and precision. The result is a highly durable compressor which combines outstanding performance with unrivalled energy efficiency.
  • Stainless steel valves The valve reeds in the corrosion resistant stainless steel valves are equipped with lift limiters to ensure air-tight valve closure and to prevent build-up of oil carbon. This achieves exceptional service life and dependability.
  • Precision machining Using the most advanced manufacturing processes and with almost 100 years of experience in precision engineering, KAESER’s skill and expertise guarantee premium quality products.
  • Wear-free cylinder Our special machining process produces a perfect finish on the inside wall of the cylinder, which makes running-in of the compressor unnecessary as no significant wear takes place after the unit is started for the first time.

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